Scholarship Application Deadline March 26, 2021
Please submit to 
The Rotary Club of Riverhead invites high school seniors to apply for scholarships offered by the club.
To be eligible, a student must be a resident of Town of Riverhead or within Riverhead Central School District.
Application Deadline: MARCH 26, 2021
Applications will not be accepted after deadline—no exceptions!
Instruction checklist for scholarship application:
⃝ Complete Part I.  Attach information as requested in sections A and B. 
⃝ Make sure to choose which scholarship you are applying for.
⃝ Attach Part II (essay).
⃝ Parent or guardian completes Part III and attaches copy of the FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR).  The SAR is a required piece of the Rotary Scholarship Application.
⃝ Submit Parts I, II and III to your guidance counselor.
⃝ Guidance counselor completes Part IV and attaches official transcript.
⃝ Email application with all attachments to: by 3-26-21